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Lactation Aid & Feeding Tubes

What is a lactation aid?

A lactation aid is a device that lets you give your baby extra breast milk or formula while your baby is feeding at your breast. This extra liquid food is called a feeding supplement. 

    Supplies you will need to use a lactation aid to feed your baby

    • A number 5 French feeding tube that is 36 inches long.
    • A baby bottle or a syringe without a needle that will hold 30 to 60 ml of liquid. A syringe is a hollow tube that has a plunger and holds liquids.
    • Adhesive or clear medical tape.
    • A feeding supplement such as expressed breast milk, expressed breast milk with added calories, or baby formula.
    • If you are using a syringe, an elastic band and safety pin or a flat surface to put the bottle on.
    • A plastic bag you can seal to store the feeding tube.

    Lactation Aids & Feeding Tubes

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